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Tenant representation / Lease renegotiation

Every day we represent our clients, the tenants, in front of the landlords, to defend their interests. We are proud to show that we avoid any conflict of interests by working only for the tenants and never for the landlords. This strict and clear position allows us to provide superior quality services during the full process of the tenant representation from the evaluation of the needs till the signature of the lease agreement.

We provide service of the lease renegotiation, which is especially important in times of crisis. Our experience and deep knowledge of the commercial real estate market allow us to achieve the most favorable commercial terms for our clients, the tenants.

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Workplace strategy

Workplace Strategy is the dynamic alignment of an organization’s work patterns with the work environment to enable peak performance and reduce costs.

Other services


Daily we monitor the commercial real estate market in Russia, to provide the clients with any kind of necessary evaluation in this sector. It can consist of the evaluation of a building, or an office. It can be the evaluation of a rent. We have also done the real estate evaluation of a banking network (700 branches).


We advise tenants on many different aspects of the commercial real estate, such as: buying vs. leasing; preparation of budgets; front office/back office vs. one single roof; costs for relocation etc.


Our experts monitor the local market every day to provide our clients with the most accurate information in the retail and office sector.

Legal support

We provide legal support for our clients to understand better the implications of their decisions in the real estate sector. The field is vast and It can concern many aspects of the sector such as an investment, a lease agreement, a sale or a purchase.

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